Grief & Loss


Grief and loss is much broader than the loss of a loved one.  Grief and loss can be in the form of losing a job, moving to a new state, changing schools, losing a part of your body, medical issues and much, much more.  Often times, during our grieving, we push people away from us and say, “I can do this on my own”.  That is the farthest statement from the truth.  Trying to grieve alone is not the best way to heal and walk through your loss.  Usually when we try to do it that way, we stuff the grief and it comes out in other forms, sometimes years later.

Walking through the different stages of grief with Solid Ground Counseling will help you heal faster and effectively.  You will be back functioning in your life quicker than you thought.  You have a choice to not go it alone, so call us today at 734.927.1201