Our mission at Solid Ground Counseling is not to change lives, but to help our clients establish foundations from which they change their own lives. We want to provide a safe and welcoming environment that encourages our clients to learn about themselves and the choices they make.

Marriage & Relationships

 Intimate relationships with members of the opposite sex are tough because they involve matters of the heart.  When you enter into a committed relationship, you essentially give someone else the key to your heart and trust he or she with it’s well being.  Marriage and relationship counseling is the core of our business here at Solid Ground.

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Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety is a feeling that many people experience when dealing with stressful or threatening situations. Anxiety is often called “stress.”  Some anxiety is normal.   Anxiety helps us at times to deal with difficult situations because fear and anxiety alert us to danger.  These responses are the result of the body and mind telling us that something is wrong.  Our anxiety may tell us that we need to get out of a certain situation or make some changes in our lives.   An anxiety disorder, however is associated with more intense feelings of nervousness, and reactions to this nervousness.

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Seize the Day

Don’t wait another minute before starting the healing process.  Every day is a new day, and we are waiting for your call.

Making an appointment is easy.  Simply call 734.927.1201 and ask for one of our professional therapists. Some insurance policies are accepted, and sliding scale fees are available for qualified clients.


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